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March 15, 2017
June 14, 2017
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Words on a menu

Have you ever walked into a new restaurant, one you’ve never been to before, picked up the menu and started to read.  As you read the descriptions, none of the words make sense, there is no sentence structure, maybe even punctuation has evaporated!!  If you consider yourself a foodie, you most likely envision how the ingredients will taste and imagine the textures that will be presented.   Maybe you read the first couple of offerings and say to yourself, “no not that,”. “No not that”, until you find yourself at the bottom of the menu with nothing that you really want to order.

So many chefs are so busy producing they cannot take the time to create.  Their jobs require them to be the authors of the menu so they grab words and scribble them down and put them out for guests, only to hope they remember what it was they were thinking when the guests order those items. Once forced to produce, they rarely have the time to taste it.  So often, this can lead a chef to fail.

Their food suffers, there business suffers and soon their doors are closed.  More often than not, these very chefs would have been much more successful if they had just stayed true to what they know and create well.  More diners, even foodies, truly are just seeking good tasting food with fresh ingredients presented cleanly on a plate.

Let’s not over think the pleasure out of eating.  Taste is number one!

Katie O'Reilly
Katie O'Reilly
Truly a trendsetter, Culinary Artist Katie O’Reilly is a wholly unique talent in the overcrowded food industry. Her all-encompassing knowledge of all things food, combined with her artistic passion and educated and extensive palette, and added to the fact that she feeds over 40,000 guests each year, has elevated Katie’s culinary designs to the rarefied air of creativity and flavor profiles that only the top chefs enjoy.

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    Wow that makes total sense!!!

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