Food as fuel

Of course, we all learn at a young age that food is fuel for our bodies.  But as we grow and develop, how does this affect our eating choices?  There are all kinds or reasons we eat, most of all, because we want to.  Our desire to taste something we enjoy far exceeds whether or not our bodies need more energy.  Knowing this is true for most us, imagine my amazement when a luncheon guest of mine, to whom I was trying to showcase my culinary designs, announces ͞this all looks so fantastic but I’m just not that into food. I was a natural born vegetarian and I only consider food as fuel.͟For me, I have to say, this was a first!  I had custom designed a vegetarian twelve course tasting menu, with items that mirrored their carnivorous neighbors dishes. Each one thoughtfully crafted, highlighting the gorgeous generous nature of vegetables.  She tasted each item, said they were wonderful, but for some reason her lack of interest in gobbling up every last bite challenged my inner artist to my core.

Rarely do I feel uncertain about my culinary performance, but this one stumped me.  What does that say about me? Am I so far from viewing food as only fuel for our bodies, am I missing the true meaning of eating?  Well, I guess so, it tells me I’m just like the other 99% of my audience, I like to eat because it tastes so good!! How many of you consider eating as a necessary device to fuel your body?  Have you always been this way?  Do you have a “take down” food which breaks this rule?

Katie O'Reilly
Katie O'Reilly
Truly a trendsetter, Culinary Artist Katie O’Reilly is a wholly unique talent in the overcrowded food industry. Her all-encompassing knowledge of all things food, combined with her artistic passion and educated and extensive palette, and added to the fact that she feeds over 40,000 guests each year, has elevated Katie’s culinary designs to the rarefied air of creativity and flavor profiles that only the top chefs enjoy.


  1. Vieve says:

    I eat since I enjoying trying new items or I’m craving something. Also try to eat items that will help my body be fueled. But mainly I eat since I love food!!!!

  2. Dorothy says:

    I like to eat. Not a lot but I enjoy good food. I have met people who never appreciate a truly good preparation of a dish. My crab cakes are wonderful(if I may say so). When I serve them to a friend of mine she gobbled them down as if it was a piece of toast. No comment. Needless to say she will always get toast from me.

  3. C says:

    There is a fine line between eating to nourish and eating to indulge. I think once you fine the right balance you will appreciate food to a whole new level.

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