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Don’t judge a book by its cover, open it up and get the story. We know this to be a bi line when meeting new people, but it’s true with food too. People anticipate and develop an idea of what someone is like just by how they look. People also develop an idea of what foods they’re going to like and often dislike without even a taste. It is my job to encourage clients to set both of these preconceived notions aside, opening up their minds and imagination. Learning to listen to their palette and to the company being shared! At Kenmare Catering, each week, at least twice a week, I sit down to a diamond package, five star, three hour menu tasting with up to four or more clients. I don’t know them and they don’t know me, but they usually know each other. How do they know each other? Where are they from? When and where did they meet? That’s one of the exciting things I get discover. Often times these guests are “on guard” when I first approach. I spend a few minutes introducing myself, not only am I the co-president and owner, I am the culinary artist that designs all of our food and leads the culinary team. They are here to talk food with me and their job is to speak their opinions. Good or bad, if something screams out to you, share it with me. Imagine a Chef sitting through that exercise! However, this helps me hear them and them to hear each other, it helps me to help them design. I don’t have preconceived notions, it’s not really my opinion that matters, only theirs. So, let the fun begin! Over a shared meal of fabulous food (and definitely too much of it), free flowing wine, a recently engaged couple, plus two others of their choice, so many stories are revealed. Food evokes feelings, memories, and emotions. I get the privilege of sharing a three hour sneak peek, like a chapter teaser, into their lives. I form a bond with them over what will be a forever remembered meal. It’s a snapshot in time. What a gift!

Katie O'Reilly
Katie O'Reilly
Truly a trendsetter, Culinary Artist Katie O’Reilly is a wholly unique talent in the overcrowded food industry. Her all-encompassing knowledge of all things food, combined with her artistic passion and educated and extensive palette, and added to the fact that she feeds over 40,000 guests each year, has elevated Katie’s culinary designs to the rarefied air of creativity and flavor profiles that only the top chefs enjoy.


  1. vieve says:

    Love your thoughts on giving all food a chance. You never know you may really enjoy something new. Or rediscover how much you love something you haven’t had in awhile.

  2. Jerry T says:

    I LOVe trying new stuff!!

  3. S says:

    I used to be this way when it came to food, as I grew up I realized all I was missing.

  4. Dorothy says:

    As you introduce new people to new foods you have a wonderful opportunity to meet and share an experience with people you would never had met if you did not have such an interesting career. Food and friends a good combination

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