Holiday Season

New Years Lists

“This year is going to be different”. That’s what we tell ourselves with our New Year’s resolutions.  We start with all the things we aren’t going to do; eat too much chocolate, gossip, drink too much, smoke (unless drinking), date that guy or girl that’s not good for me etc.

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Holiday Magic

December holidays, no matter what belief system you hold dear, mark the nearing of another years end. This is the best time to pause and reflect on the past years highlights.  Good and bad, tears and laughs often come out from us at these times of reflection.  A warm soothing

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Holiday gathering is the greatest gift.

This season I crave spiritual connection with others. There is nothing that fills my soul more than a day with women I love and trust completely.  Time to reflect and look forward or just hold still, being exactly who and what we are in that moment.  There is no amount

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As we approach and enter the official “holiday season”, there is an excitement that builds.  The lights are so twinkling and festive, it’s like our insides do cartwheels.  As the parties and gatherings get planned, we want everything to be the best this year.  Food, family and friends!  The three “F’s” that we build our festival upon.

We give careful thought and care into creating food with flair.  Maybe a new recipe or ingredient, maybe a new platter or technique, all done with the expectation that someone is going to recognize our efforts and appreciate them.

We also, dream up visions of family getting along, all annoyances of previous years are buried and forgotten.  This year is going to be different.

Well, if you’ve lived as I have, you may still fall head first into these dreamlike fairy tale visions.

When the day arrives and your experimental dish caused you to “stress out”, you’re tired from cooking and cleaning yet excited to see everyone.  Just then, the doorbell rings, people show up and you find yourself interested in everyone.  There might even be an old wounded relationship or sensitive issue brought up that feels healed and resolved.  That family you grew up with can touch you in youthful ways and silly, light hearted emotions may result, creating an evening of l;aughter and joy.

Eat your food, the one you created, close your eyes, and tell yourself how amazing you are!!!

Because you are!  And most importantly, Christmas is about people and good times shared, sometimes only once a year!

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