Katie’s Italian Grandma

New Years Lists

“This year is going to be different”. That’s what we tell ourselves with our New Year’s resolutions.  We start with all the things we aren’t going to do; eat too much chocolate, gossip, drink too much, smoke (unless drinking), date that guy or girl that’s not good for me etc.

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Holiday Magic

December holidays, no matter what belief system you hold dear, mark the nearing of another years end. This is the best time to pause and reflect on the past years highlights.  Good and bad, tears and laughs often come out from us at these times of reflection.  A warm soothing

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Holiday gathering is the greatest gift.

This season I crave spiritual connection with others. There is nothing that fills my soul more than a day with women I love and trust completely.  Time to reflect and look forward or just hold still, being exactly who and what we are in that moment.  There is no amount

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When I lived in Barcelona, I traveled quite a bit through Italy.  I loved Florence and it’s people.  While there I couldn’t help observing that the younger woman were tall, thin and gorgeous?  The older women were short, full figured and hunched.  Still completely cute and lively, but the physique was so different.  What happened from youth to older age?

Today I was just relaxing and cooking one of my favorite Italian sauces.  A delicate blend of paper thin sliced garlic, Cipollini onions, melted down slowly with olive oil and butter (yes butter) on medium low heat, then you just stir in your fresh Italian tomatoes and basil.  Yum!!  toss with fresh pasta and Parmesan, viola!  Here I am, leaning into to the pan, stirring gently like I’m caring for an infant.  After a few minutes, I stand up straight, push my shoulders back and stretch my back.

just realized that for years I would wondered why my Italian grandma (and many like her) shrank into a hunched over version of themselves as they advanced into a ripe old age.  Still strong and full of life, but hunched.  The reason, for years they stayed in that position stirring their favorite Italian sauces like a loved child.  Eventually into their late eights, for my grandma her 90’s they just stayed there, no longer able to straighten up.  Maybe this made her happy because it represented what she loved to do in her life.

Have you ever noticed something like this in your grandma or older loved one?  A fixed position based on an activity they loved to do in there earlier years?

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