My Early Start – Seeing Food

When I was four years old, I was being raised in the suburbs of Chicago and my parents bought vacation farm property about four hours into Wisconsin. Thirty acres of rolling hills, streams and ponds in the middle of nowhere but farms. My little eyes were open to explore, live, experience and observe life in the raw. At the time, it just seemed free, but truly it’s where it all began. Milking cows on a dairy farm, hunting for morels, tapping maple trees for sap, living the seasons. Nothing like bull frog mating season at night for your first lesson in sex education! I started to see life, nature, and the world as a food carnival!

Katie O'Reilly
Katie O'Reilly
Truly a trendsetter, Culinary Artist Katie O’Reilly is a wholly unique talent in the overcrowded food industry. Her all-encompassing knowledge of all things food, combined with her artistic passion and educated and extensive palette, and added to the fact that she feeds over 40,000 guests each year, has elevated Katie’s culinary designs to the rarefied air of creativity and flavor profiles that only the top chefs enjoy.


  1. Vieve says:

    Wow…to be a kid again. Where the world was so simple and all you focused on was exploring life.

  2. Dorothy says:

    The farm was fun. It makes you wonder how the farm fared and we know how the four year old fared. She has her food carnival And her tv show and Kenmare catering. Thanks for the memories.

  3. This paints a lovely tapestry of sensorial textures in the mind’s eye, and takes me back to my own childhood growing up in rural Northern NY. Thank you for this.

  4. Jasmine says:

    Keep up the good work,?

  5. S says:

    Oh to be a kid again!

  6. Teresa says:

    I always wanted to live on a farm lol

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