Origin of our Food: How Much Do We Want To Know?

New Years Lists

“This year is going to be different”. That’s what we tell ourselves with our New Year’s resolutions.  We start with all the things we aren’t going to do; eat too much chocolate, gossip, drink too much, smoke (unless drinking), date that guy or girl that’s not good for me etc.

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Holiday Magic

December holidays, no matter what belief system you hold dear, mark the nearing of another years end. This is the best time to pause and reflect on the past years highlights.  Good and bad, tears and laughs often come out from us at these times of reflection.  A warm soothing

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Holiday gathering is the greatest gift.

This season I crave spiritual connection with others. There is nothing that fills my soul more than a day with women I love and trust completely.  Time to reflect and look forward or just hold still, being exactly who and what we are in that moment.  There is no amount

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How much connection do we want to have with the origin of our food?

This is completely dependent on the individual, and truly it varies so much.  Some people plant all their own vegetables and herbs starting from seeds.

Starting them off indoors, delicately under sunlamps, nurturing its first burst through the soil like a proud parent.  Inside the individual, grows a sense of accomplishment, knowing they are creators. When they finally harvest these growings, cooking up dishes truly from the” fruits of their own labors,” it brings a sense of pride, a joyful pleasure.  On the flip side, there are many consumers who just want to go to the store and buy it. They don’t have time nor desire to grow their own food.  Some buy fresh herbs and produce, some buy dried and frozen, some buy it all prepared so all they need to do is heat it in the microwave.  They don’t think about the growth of the plant nor the life of the animal nor anything, they only care if it taste good.

Are these people wrong?  No way!  There are no rights and wrongs!  They are just exercising their right to live and exist in this fast paced consumer reality.  It’s every eater’s right to choose their comfort level with the origin of our food source.  Truth be told, on a rainy day, when I come in from my run, I smell like a worm!  That is not so appealing to those gathered at the breakfast table.  But worms are ultimately responsible for the fertile soil which becomes the first nourishment for all our growing food.

Just this image alone gives you more compassion for those who choose not to involve themselves in the origin of the food chain.  It’s every individual’s right to choose, but it is so fun to harvest your own dinner from your backyard!

Where do you fall in this spectrum of involvement with the growth of our food?

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