Post Holiday Regrets

Simple summer fresh sweet treat

Summer berries, fresh whipped cream, and vanilla cake That is what we crave in the heat.  Nature provides these gorgeous berries throughout the season.   Combine that with a simple vanilla cake and whipped cream to add the sensation of full-bodied flavor, sweetness and texture. The one, two, threes…it is

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The Isle of Capri, layered in a chicken breast

Gratefully I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to travel to some of the most luxurious locations in the world (trust me, my journeys have just begun!). Treasured ingredients offered in each unique location become another grain of sand on my “culinary beach”. Each experience building my palette, my appreciation and

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Sushi At Home–Yes You Can!

Sushi.  I crave it at time.  The flavors, so fresh, intrigue my palette.   Going out for sushi dinner is one of my favorite meals out.   One of my dear friends is a Japanese Sushi Master, he’s taught me a few tricks to create these same healthy tastes at

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After all the sugar highs and lows, the gifts are opened, the people are gone and we all have a stack of bills.  For some reason, we want to blame our thighs or our belly!  Like that has any to do with it all.  There are a few solid, level headed options for us all to consider.  When talking about weight, one thing is for certain, it changes!  Rarely do we weigh the same two days in a row.  On that we can rely.  But it did not get there overnight so it will not go away overnight, not even with a hot sauna and Saran Wrap!  We must make some adjustments to how and what we eat!  We need to break our routine of holiday treating.   I’m really convinced the downward spiral begins with Halloween.

There are so many diets to try and items to quit!  What to do?  Who to believe?  The one thing I find most hilarious is these commercials for the over intense, deluxe work out machine!  This man or woman is sweating, ripped up muscular and completely lean bodies all due to this magic machine!  I don’t doubt that if you get on this machine every day for a long time and keep it up, you WILL improve the look of your body.   The problem comes in when we realize that we don’t feel like exerting that much energy.  Unfortunately, just owning the machine doesn’t make it work for us.

So today, let’s break it down into terms we can handle.  I’ll try to love myself, I’ll try to accept my thighs and belly and I’ll try, just try to avoid the extra cream and sweets.  If I fail, I will still love myself and accept myself and try again tomorrow.  A brand-new day!


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