The foodies

Simple summer fresh sweet treat

Summer berries, fresh whipped cream, and vanilla cake That is what we crave in the heat.  Nature provides these gorgeous berries throughout the season.   Combine that with a simple vanilla cake and whipped cream to add the sensation of full-bodied flavor, sweetness and texture. The one, two, threes…it is

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The Isle of Capri, layered in a chicken breast

Gratefully I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to travel to some of the most luxurious locations in the world (trust me, my journeys have just begun!). Treasured ingredients offered in each unique location become another grain of sand on my “culinary beach”. Each experience building my palette, my appreciation and

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Sushi At Home–Yes You Can!

Sushi.  I crave it at time.  The flavors, so fresh, intrigue my palette.   Going out for sushi dinner is one of my favorite meals out.   One of my dear friends is a Japanese Sushi Master, he’s taught me a few tricks to create these same healthy tastes at

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Those that spend time and energy learning about food, thinking about food, playing with food, these people call themselves foodies.  A somewhat, self declared, non professional expert in what the world should like to eat.  Often times, I encounter such a guest at one of my Kenmare Catering event tastings.  It’s usually not the host or hostess of the impending event, it’s usually a tag along extra that convinces the, not so confident clients, that they would be lost and hopeless without their invaluable and undebatable expertise.  Serious, irrevocable,  menu mistakes could be made that could forever tarnish the culinary reputation of the hosts! That is why this foodies opinion is non negotiable.

That all comes to a screeching halt when they encounter an actual culinary artist.  I design, create and practice listening for the vision of the client. I give them their right to override the preconceived ideas that menus have to follow rules.  This is their party and its their choices that need celebrating.

Now, I say to you little “foodie”,  it’s time to take your amateur culinary opinion ball and go home. Face it, it’s just not about you in the long run, it’s about them.

How many of you know one of these food bullies?  Do you feel that your opinions on food are less valuable or even wrong when you are around them?  Do you like it and learn from them or are you just annoyed?

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