The uncomfortably long hug

At birth, nurses, doctors and specialists advise parents to hold the newborn close to them,against their warm naked skin for bonding.  Moms and dads are encouraged to do this especially during feeding times.This helps to develop a sense of closeness, a physical connection between two humans.  Then, as children grow a bit and are just  learning to  feed themselves, parents cringe at the sight of sticky dirty hands rampaging toward their clean clothes.Eating at this stage of development is messy and that’s a fact.  We will not be physically bonding right now over a meal!

As we grow and develop, this desire or lack of desire for physical closeness develops as well.  Some people are huggers and others, let’s just say, are NOT!   So how does this come into play in the catering and event world.  Well, often our clients are engaged couples, we are joining together for their wedding menu tasting.  For hours, we sit, talk, eat and share ourselves with each other.  Many of these shares  revolve around childhood food memories, some good and some bad.  Association of flavors, smells and textures can conjure up all kinds of emotional recall.  When it’s over and time to depart, what is the appropriate gesture?  A hand shake, hug, wave and smile?  Sometimes it’s difficult to tell.  Those that love to touch and hug, crave that closeness and will feel empty without that gesture.  Then others are as stiff as a board at the mere suggestion of an embrace of a hug.   What somany unsuspecting brides and grooms do not realize is, that like it or not, you will be the targeted recipient of that oh so uncomfortably  long hug by at least one, if not more, of your wedding guests.  Let’s hope they don’t have the dirty hands.  Best to prepare yourself now!Tell us you funniest long hug story, we all have one!

Katie O'Reilly
Katie O'Reilly
Truly a trendsetter, Culinary Artist Katie O’Reilly is a wholly unique talent in the overcrowded food industry. Her all-encompassing knowledge of all things food, combined with her artistic passion and educated and extensive palette, and added to the fact that she feeds over 40,000 guests each year, has elevated Katie’s culinary designs to the rarefied air of creativity and flavor profiles that only the top chefs enjoy.


  1. Dorothy says:

    Having had five children no hug is long enough for mr. When my husband died I remember telling a friend one of the things I missed most was hugs. Those uncomfortable hugs are welcome at times. Most hugs are not too long . I welcome them. Hint hint hint!

    • Katie says:

      Ask and you shall receive

    • Joan Gallagher Haeger says:

      Dorothy it’s been a long time since we had a chance to hug. I’m enjoying Katie’s blog and just learning how to navigate. I sent a message to the Gallagher & Haeger clan to check out Katie’s work. Be well and hugs

  2. Crazy 8 says:

    I guess I really do not like uncomfortably long hugs. For me that is about 2 seconds!!

  3. Vieve says:

    Hugs with family and friends that I have known for a long time are the ones that can hug me. hahah I’m getting better, at the hug thing but long uncomfortable hugs no way.

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